I like being a student at ALC Mosaic because…

So Melissa Mulligan and I were preparing some materials to use as part of a display for Hippie Fest in Charlotte when we decided to ask the students at ALC Mosaic to tell us in their own words how they feel about being students at Mosaic. I didn’t want any of their answers to be forgotten  so here they are for all of internet blogging eternity…

I like being an ALC Mosaic student because:

I get to do what I want to do and not what people make me do. So in summary, I enjoy learning what is beneficial to me for what I want to do when I grow up. – Isabella, 10

I get to be independant and I get to be an entrepreneur. I also get to learn the subjects I want to learn. I like how I am in an awesome mini-college. Tessa, 8

It’s awesome because you get to do exactly what you want! I get to play with my friends whenever I want unless I am in the middle of an offering. Ayan, 9

I get to choose what I do because I didn’t get to play video games at regular school. There is no “recess” so I get to play outside whenever I want. Caleb, 10

Because I am not always stressed out. I also like Geometry Dash and get to play that here. At my other school I didn’t feel good about myself. I get to be with my friends and bring my dog, Lola to school! Zack, 11

We get lots of freedom. I also like that we are given money every month that we can use however we please. Liberty, 11

I can pay attention to my physical needs. If I had a bad nights sleep I can take a nap. If I need food I can eat right then. I can also spend time with who I want. I generally get along with people older or younger than me, and I can stick with that as school. Alona, 13

I have friends and it helps me with working out problems with myself, others, and to help others and to get support. Andrew, X

It’s Epic. Evan, 9

I can bring dogs to school. Grayson, X

Some of my favorite things to do at ALC Mosaic are:

DIYs, such as making candles, soap, lipstick. I really like playing like family type of stuff and survival skills I also like learning things on You Tube! Isabella, 10

Crafts, read, write, plant things. Tessa, 8

Play with my friends, play Geometry Dash, make stuff, play element games, play character games. Ayan, 9

Play video games, go outside, draw and play cool games that me and my friends made up with characters and battling. Caleb, 10

Play Geometry Dash, Minecraft, Pokemon, play outside with the dogs, camping trips are fun, and going hiking is usually funny. I also like to compete with my friends on video games. Zack, 11

Group games, gratitude circle and field trips. I love when we play games in spawn point. Liberty, 11

Writer’s Workshop, going to see plays, reading together, lip sync battles, field trips to farms, crash course videos, playing group games, capture the flag, Henna. Alona, 13

Playing outside, draw, write, stack logs, ping pong, chess, naps, field trip, Ray’s Splash Planet, goat farms, farms in general, hikes, judging lip sync battles. Andrew, X

Play outside, watch videos. Evan, 9

Ipad, plushies. Grayson, X



When Kate was first born I didn’t have any friends who had kids. I never had any younger siblings or cousins so my experience with children was pretty limited. When she was around 3 months old and still keeping vampire hours I stumbled upon a mommy support website called Charlottemommies.com There were all kinds of forums to read through and I soaked up every bit of information I could find from women just like me  who were up posting in the middle of the night. One of the forums linked up mommies with kids in the same age group so they could form playgroups. Considering that I hadn’t been outdoors for more than a few minutes for as long as I could remember I was dying to interact with some grown ups who may have an inkling of the experience I was having as a brand new first time mom.

That playgroup was my first exposure to Natural Living/Attachment Parenting. My new “crunchy mama” friends introduced me to cloth diapers, homemade baby food, parenting with the environment in mind, and our favorite topic of discussion: the war between the establishment Pediatricians and the anti-vaxing movement.

I was in awe of their awareness and confidence. It felt so wonderful to be in the company of mothers who didn’t give me a side glance of judgement if I picked up my daughter when she cried, or held her on my chest when she fell asleep instead of putting her into a lonely Pack N’ Play. Everything they said and did felt so natural and comfortable and I will be forever grateful to the universe for aligning me with this group of hippie moms just when I needed them most. I learned to question the mainstream and follow my instincts. I learned to research and ask questions. I felt so good about being in charge of how I raised my sweet little baby after a pregnancy and birth during which I did exactly what every doctor, nurse and buttinsky told me too.

That was the start of something big. It’s been a long and varied journey and I’m still on this path of new discoveries.

Today I am remembering Rebecca, Susie and Jennifer and their awesome kiddos Ocean, JD and Olivia.